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About Us...


DataMate Solutions is a bunch of colorful independent developers with diverse expertise to have your project covered. New Zealand born and raised principal developer, started coding in 1982 and focused on FileMaker in 1994. We enjoy what we do and strive to provide our clients the best value for money and control throughout the development process.!


CREATE ~ Design, Develop, Deploy

Schema design is critical focused on scalability. Develop modular and at your own pace. Deploy on Desktop, iOS, Web Direct, with ODBC or API integration. 

CUSTOMIZE ~ Modify or redesign to stay in alignment with your business as it grows and changes throughout it’s life cycle

Post Deploy

RESCUE ~ Assist, Acquisition, Debug

Training to get you through a road block. We adopt legacy solutions and If you have that bug that just won’t go away, let us take a look!

Conversion Gurus!


A migration from earlier versions of FileMaker Pro can render some unexpected behavior. We have migrated 100’s of files over many years and have created a proven step by step process to review and resolve common issues involved in the upgrade from as early as FileMaker Pro 3. 

We offer an accurate estimate on this process.

Why Migrate?

• New version infrastructure for better performance

• FileMaker GO compatibility for iOS devices

• New container control for storing images and files

• New functions allow reduction of code performing the same tasks

• New features allowing modern user experience previously unseen with FileMaker
• Modern features saving you time and money!!


Consolidation is the process of taking advantage of the post .fp6 multi-table framework and involves merging some or all of the single table files into one or more files.

Why consolidate?

• More efficient administrative control

• Logistical backup strategies

• Infinitely smoother user experience

DataMate Solutions LLC has extensive experience in successfully consolidating very large and complex FileMaker Pro solutions from as early as FileMaker v4.


A simple separation model would result in two files:

One interface file (contains all the user interaction objects like layouts, buttons, scripts etc)

The second file contains the inputted information that is referenced by the interface file. 

Why Separate?

• Simple updates by email especially for vertically marketed solutions
• Logistical Management of files
• Local interface with remote data for faster refresh rates

DataMate Solutions LLC prides itself in being market leaders in logistical separation of interface files into remote and local variations, and data into logical groupings for integrity and security.

The Fine Print

We do not believe in locking administrative privileges in the database we build for you. If in the unlikely event we get hit by a bolt of lightning, or frighteningly more likely get hit by a bus, you will have all the access information required for a new developer to continue where we left off.

At DataMate Solutions LLC our developers attend the annual developers conference and keep up with current practices in database design and protocol. This way other database developers that get involved with the project (see reasons above), will understand the practices and will not waste your time and money getting their heads around stuff.

We do not charge $2500 for lunches. Once we discovered a client paid $5000 for market research, including $2500 for lunches with another development company. If you are happy to pay us $2500 for lunch, we would certainly bill you that and make sure it was a lunch you didn’t forget!

Oh, yeah... we do not quote on anything, that’s right nothing, nada, zilch. With over 30 years of software development we still never really know what anything will cost. 

In the world of developing functional customized databases with innovative time saving features, the client always gets so excited with all the wonderful things we can make happen, that more and more cool stuff is added to the ever growing wish list of features which then changes the original concept. We figure it’s better to charge a flat rate and give you what you want when you want it instead of making you wait until the next revision. 

We can however give you a good faith estimate on almost anything we do, and like our existing clients you will soon find us honest and forth coming with any issues that may incur extra expenses.

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